13.07.2009 - 19.07.2009


Contemporary ensemble music workshop

The dissonArt ensemble realizes a contemporary music workshop with special emphasis in ensemble playing.
It is addressed to musicians that would like to come in contact with contemporary music using simple means, improvisation, works of open form and free instrumentation, as well as to performers interested to work on important pieces of this repertoire. The workshop?s aim is the familiarization of its participants, in theory and practice, with the diverse characteristics of the contemporary music language. Special attention will be given to the way that musicians function within an ensemble, the approach of a music text, the understanding of the means that a contemporary composer uses, and the ways of achieving a productive rehearsal.
Applications are invited for the following instrumental categories: winds, strings and piano. Musicians at any level are welcome.
Contemporary works will be sent in advance to musicians wishing to participate in an ensemble.
Members of this workshop will also have the chance to participate in the preparation and presentation of the two works by Yanni Christou ( Anaparastasis I - ?The Barytone? , and Anaparastasis III ? ?The Pianist?) in co-ordination with the members of the Instrumental and vocal ensembles conducting course.

Coaching will be given by the members of dissonArt ensemble:
Jannis Anissegos (winds)
Theodoros Patsalidis ( strings)
Lenio Liatsou (piano)