29.11.2011 20:30 - 22:30


The dissonArt ensemble presents a program that is composed of works of Tristan Murail and Beat Furrer, two of the most important representatives of the European musical avant-garde. Their music is accompanied by the works of two Cypriots (Vassos Nikolaou and Evis Samoutis) and one Greek (Dimitris Papageorgiou) composers of the youngest generation. The program's pieces, even though they start from different aesthetic points of departure, converge into two common components, the consummate attitude towards the ensemble and the dimension of the sound's timbre.

Beat Furrer Retour an dich (1986)
Tristan Murail Treize Coulerurs du Soleil Couchant (1978)
Vassos Nikolaou Reflexions (2004)
Dimitris Papageorgiou Effluences (2011)
Evis Samoutis Metioron

conductor, Vladimiros Symeonidis