05.07.2010 - 06.07.2010


Giorgos Koumendakis, one of the best-known Greek composers working today, is characterised by a composition style that incorporates a broad range of musical idioms, and by his dedication to continually exploring new artistic avenues. His works have been performed at the world?s major festivals and by great orchestras, ensembles and artists, and he has released nine recordings.

At this year's Athens Festival he will be presenting his work Unknown Dialects: Eight Music Dialogues, a piece of music theatre created in collaboration with director Alexandros Euclides and visual artist Petros Touloudis and performed by 15 musicians, among them the distinguished DissonArt ensemble. The various musical dialects of the Greek music tradition are brought together in the eight pieces that form the backbone of the show and which contain different forms and idioms, while the musicians are entrusted with both the music and stage performances.