18.08.2015 - 24.08.2015


dissonArt ensemble organizes "Explore! 2", a series of reading sessions for composers, as part of the workshops of Music Village 2015. "Explore!" gives composers the opportunity to listen to their works, discuss with the performers, experiment and seek new ways of expressing themselves through their music. Aspects such as the use of contemporary instrumental techniques, notation, functionality and aesthetics will be discussed and explored during the open rehearsals. Participants can submit one piece for any combination of the following instruments: flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello, double bass and piano. The submitted works do not have to be complete since the open rehearsals are a platform for practicing and performing short sections of the pieces.

In this year's "Explore!" dissonArt ensemble has the honor to collaborate with recorder soloist Ulrike Mayer- Spohn who is currently running her research program "RecorderMap" ( Ulrike will present all the instruments of the recorder family giving special emphasis to sound-production, contemporary instrumental techniques and sound-colors, as well as suggestions regarding notation; her goal is to create a place for recorders in contemporary music ensembles. The participating composers can submit compositions that include recorders in the above combination of instruments.

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dissonArt ensemble
Jannis Anissegos, flute
Alexandros Stavridis, clarinet
Theodoros Patsalidis, violin
Chara Sira, viola
Vassilis Saitis, cello
Yiannis Chatzis, contrabass
Nikos Kyriosoglou, piano

+ Ulrike Mayer- Spohn, recorders